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The Bio-Balance Solution

Bio-Balancing Fog Solution

Mold is now the leading cause of poor indoor air quality, and when present, health may suffer. The Bio-Balance Solution returns your indoor air quality to a healthy state by lowering the mold levels within your home or office to a natural level. This is accomplished through the fogging of a botanical mixture into the air. This mixture of grapefruit seed extract, lemon seed extract, lime seed extract and tangerine seed extract will bio-balance the mold within your home or office to a safe level. With the do-it-yourself (DIY) Bio-Balance Solution, a 3,000 ft2 home can be treated within 8 hours, from start to finish. Since the Bio-Balance solution is non-toxic, it is safe to use around pets, plants and people. There is no need to remove any items from your home. In fact, it is best if all household items go through the treatment.

Call us at (505) 400-8891 to begin the Bio-Balance Solution!

Traditional remediation is expensive and requires destructive procedures to remove mold contaminated materials. Remediators are hired to remove mold from the area of the home specified in their statement of work. The remediation company typically does not address any other areas of the home that may have been contaminated. This may result in ongoing health symptoms from mold even after the major source has been removed. In this situation, the Bio-Balance Solution is ideal, as it treats every nook and cranny of the room, even entering into wall space and ceiling space.

With a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of all zeros, it is the safe choice for mold treatment.

Do it yourself and save the difference!

"Jeff Bookout at Oklahoma Enviro Serve Specialists is absolutely the best! This high praise doesn’t come easily as I have never written a positive nor a negative review in my 48 years of life. Yet, I was compelled to write a review about Jeff. My family and I have suffered from various autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, ADHD, allergies, CIRS and more for the last 13 years. Jeff came into our home and in one visit found our problem areas. He then helped me navigate the world of remediation and mold prevention with empathy, passion, unparalleled expertise and a willingness to connect in a way that few company’s do in this day and age. He has been working with us now for the last two years on various issues as I have become extremely reactive to mold due to long term exposure. All I can say, is that I will continue to work with Jeff on a yearly basis for routine checkups and anything else I might need for as long as he works in this industry. He is truly a one of a kind type of guy and I feel incredibly fortunate to have him on my team."

Heather, Castle Pines, CO

"Jeff Bookout from BioBalanceNow is one of the most knowledgeable and generous mold experts I have encountered on my path to resolve my mold problems.

Google the Toxic Mold Summit and you can listen to Jeff’s lecture and guidance and save yourself endless worry, time and expense in handling mold issues.

I would not have survived my situation without Jeff’s support and the BioBalance products.

Go to NOW for immediate solutions."

Mary Ann, Santa Monica, CA

"Jeff Bookout provides best-in-class customer experience and customer service. I began working with Jeff over a year ago. He came to our house and completed a very thorough review of our home. He was informative and explained the technology he was using, the implications and why it was relevant. He gave us an immediate assessment and followed up with a thorough written report. Finding out that your home has mold issues is never easy to hear, but he helped us create an immediate plan to remediate the mold, some proactive steps to take, and a monthly plan to keep our home healthy. What has impressed me the most is how personally committed Jeff is to helping people with mold issues. I have reached out to him several times by email with questions and he always able to respond right away and provides useful direction. I find that he is also interested in on-going learning and improvements to the products he offers. I highly recommend Jeff Bookout and his products and wish everyone a happy and healthy home."

Lisa, Castle Rock, CO

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