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Bio-Max Maintenance Solution

The perfect boosted solution to maintain your environment! This water-based solution is highly effective in treating mold. Here are just a few of the intended uses, with additional protocols in the works:
  • Add one bottle of Bio-Max Maintenance Solution to the water reservoir of a carpet cleaning machine to treat mold spores within the carpeting. Great for both rugs and carpets!
  • Dilute one bottle of Bio-Max Maintenance Solution to one gallon with tap water and use a spray bottle to treat mold on surfaces. Especially useful to treat:
    • Pet Beds
    • Fabric Furniture (e.g. – couches, chairs, beds)
This fragrance-free, natural, botanically-based solution, was developed to improve the environments of chemically sensitive individuals without contributing anything to the toxic loading of their body.

Please note that this is a water-based solution. So, unlike our fogging solutions, it should not be sprayed on anything that can be ruined by water, such as artwork and electronics.

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Bio-Max Maintenance Solution
Bio-Max Solution

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