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Bio-Max Travel Mister

The perfect solution to maintain your environment while traveling! This fragrance-free, natural, botanically-based solution, was developed to improve the environments of chemically sensitive individuals without contributing anything to the toxic loading of their body. It is highly effective in treating mold!

The misting kit includes:

  • One rechargeable hand-held mister (Continuous Application)
  • One Bottle of The Bio-Max Maintenance Solution (treats up to 750 ft2 if undilluted)
  • Mold Test Kit for Before and After Testing

BEST option for Hotel Room, Guest Room, Rental Car, and Air Plane treatment!

Please note that this is a boosted water-based solution. So, unlike our fogging solutions, it should not be sprayed on anything that can be ruined by water, such as artwork and electronics.


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Bio-Max Travel Mister

List Price: $98.00