DIY Hot Fogging

Cesar Collado
March 17, 2020

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The Most Effective Way to Address Systemic Mold Contamination: DIY Hot Fogging

By Cesar Collado

When someone in your home is sick due to mold, professional remediation is often expected to remove all mold in the home. This is seldom the case as very few mold remediators have the background in physics, biology, and engineering to even attempt such a worthy goal. Unfortunately, the mold sensitive will continue to experience debilitating symptoms even after traditional remediation has been completed. And as symptoms continue, after a significant financial investment, occupants are often frustrated and discouraged. Since mold sick patients must detoxify in order to heal and achieve wellness, continued living and sleeping in a moldy home prevents healing. The day-to-day inhalation of mold keeps the immune system firing inflammatory mediators and prevents the body from detoxifying the toxins. Under no scenario will a mold sick person heal if they remain in a moldy home! Learn more about DIY Hot Fogging

There are two key elements to understand prior to dealing with a moldy home:

  • The basic understanding of how any particular mold issue can expand to become systemic with mold spreading throughout the home and onto all belongings
  • Any systemic treatment to address mold should not include using toxic chemicals or irritants

These two elements are best addressed as follows:

  • Hot Fogging with the botanically based Bio-Balance Solution before or after remediation can positively impact the health and well-being for the entire family
  • Bio-Balance Hot Fogging is safe for adults, children, and pets
  • Bio-Balance Hot Fogging leaves a micro-thin coating that dries quickly and is not noticeable
  • Cold Fogging maintenance with Bio-Max Maintenance Mister is convenient, cost effective means to maintain your home.

The Basics

When a home is contaminated with mold, the first objective is to identify the source of moisture or water leak and fix it, identify the mold, and remove water damaged or moldy materials in a safe manner. In addition, antimicrobial products are typically used to clean all surfaces exposed to mold. In many cases, mold has been distributed throughout your home due to a variety of physical phenomena such as the wind effect, stacking effect, combustion, and natural ventilation. In addition, the HVAC system in the home also effectively distributes mold spores throughout the home.

DIY Hot Fogging DIY Hot Fogging

Testing the home with ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kits will help you determine conclusively whether there is mold contamination in your home, and also provide an understanding of the level of contamination and the types of mold that are present. This is critical information which should be obtained for several problem areas in your home, attic, and crawlspace. If the mold is clearly visible and dampness is recognized, you can fix the source of moisture and hire a professional to remove the mold contamination safely.

Once the mold is removed, there are a variety of techniques that are used to remove the remaining spores in the home.

  1. The utilization of negative pressure and HEPA air scrubbers circulate and remove spores in the air.
  2. Thorough HEPA vacuuming of the entire home including floors, upholstery, and walls.
  3. Addressing HVAC system mold contamination. Including cleaning the HVAC unit and duct work and changing the HVAC filter.
  4. Washing all linens and clothing exposed to mold in a detergent that treats the mold, such as Borax or the CitriSafe Liquid Laundry Concentrate.
  5. Physically washing every item in the home with a non-toxic antimicrobial solution such as the Bio-Max Maintenance Solution.

The Bio-Balance Solution: A Powerful DIY process to reduce mold air counts from the entire home.

Fogging your home with the BioBalance Fogging Solution prior to an expensive investment with mold remediators can be a very cost effective solution. Several Bau-Biologist and building science experts utilize heat fogging with botanical fogging solutions; however, the majority of local mold remediators have little training, having been licensed over days, and have minimal knowledge of the specific science of removing mold from the environment.

If you are amenable to Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”) solutions, Bio-Balance offers a unique, effective, and safe way to utilize a ‘shot gun’ approach to address lingering mold throughout the finished and unfinished portions of your home. Unfinished crawlspaces, basements, and attics often become contaminated due to humidity and an abundance of organic material that serves as food for mold. Using a proprietary mix of botanical ingredients, Bio-Balance provides the means to effectively fog your home to return balance to your home environment and remove mold from the air and furnishings.

The Bio-Balance Fogging Kit enables homeowners to address systemic mold issues through the delivery of a “hot fog” into the home. The Fogger aerosolizes the specially designed botanical fogging solution into microscopic air particles ranging from .5 microns to 10 microns. The heat has an activating effect on the botanical blend and allows the fog to rise and transport the fog upward so that it can get into hard to reach places and behind furnishings. The system allows the homeowner to place the fogger in the home, turn the fogger on remotely, and let the fog fill the home, penetrating every corner, crack, and crevice. Homeowners are able to fog the home and sleep in it on the same day. Learn more about the Bio-Balance Fog Kit HERE.

Hot Fogging is effective and offers the practical advantage of being able to see the fog reaching all areas fogged.The “hot” fog aerosolizes the botanical Bio-Balance Solution into heated microparticles that can reach all surfaces desired, including personal items and furnishings, while leaving a microscopic thin coating on all of these items.The all natural and safe solution contains a proprietary mixture of grapefruit seed extract, lemon seed extract, lime seed extract, and tangerine seed extract.The food grade propylene glycol base is the same fogging catalyst used in entertainment on stages, in nightclubs, and holiday exhibits regularly. Exposure to the fog is safe, although there are a few safety precaution provided in the instructions.

Why Bio-Balance Fogging Works

By beginning the fogging with unfinished portions of the house, such as crawlspaces and attics, Hot Fogging provides a valuable diagnostic to identify leaks in the home where fog obviously leaks out and can be seen. These areas of air leaks can then be sealed with caulking and/or metal duct tape to prevent potentially contaminated air from communicating with breathable air.

After fogging, it is safe for the family to re-enter the home and continue feeling better with mold levels reduced to normal background levels..Bio-Balance also provides several instruction sheets and instructional videos on their website to help any DIY customer. In addition, Bio-Balance provides phone support free of charge. You can call to schedule to speak to our fogging expert, Jeff Bookout, by calling (505) 400-8891.

A Bio-Balance fogging project can be done in a single day or be spread over several days. You can even sleep your home the same night.

Hot fogging with Bio-Balance is, without a doubt, the most efficacious and cost-effective means of reducing the mold air counts in your home, restoring a mold safe balance to your environment. It can complement remediation or be used as an important step to do prior to a significant remediation investment.

Bio-Balance hot fogging DOES NOT replace the professional, physical removal of visible mold colonization of walls , floors, ceilings, or under carpets. Fixing the water source and removing mold infestation safely and properly is critical.Bio-Balance will provide you the broadest and most thorough solution for all mold spores throughout your home.You can easily reduce the fungal and mold counts in in the air and on furnishings.Bio-Balance Fogging is intended to reach the mold you cannot see in your home that is causing debilitating symptoms and chronic illness.

Bio-Balance Fogging

Biomax Home Maintenance Mister

For the more diligent patients, The Bio-Max Home Maintenance Mister is the perfect solution to maintain your home environment. This fragrance-free, natural, botanically-based water solution was developed to maintain home environments over time with little inconvenience. Regular cold fogging in addition to the Bio-Balance Fogging Kit will help you maintain your home environment for mold and chemically sensitive individuals without contributing anything to the toxic loading of their body. It can be used regularly to spray sensitive areas, furnishings exposed to mold, clothing, or the entire home without having to leave your home.

Bio-Balance Fogging

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