HavenFog Kit

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HavenFog Gallon


Wired Remote Control

Mold Test Plates

Instruction Sheet

Complete mold treatment is more than just fogging

BioBalance environmental experts have created a treatment guide that walks you through the steps necessary to tackle your mold issue.

Significant Mold

Present in multiple rooms

Widespread Mold

Significant and ongoing issues

Using the Fogger

Step 1: Fill fogger with HavenFog.

Do not overfill reservoir. Place cap back on.

Step 2: Plug wired remote control into fogger. Then plug into outlet, flip power switch, and press red “continuous” button.

Step 3: Fog each room to be treated.

The fogger takes 5 minutes to heat up before producing fog. Fog until you can’t see beyond 3 feet and there is a light film on smooth surfaces.*

Step 4: After 24 hours, clean all horizontal surfaces by HEPA vacuuming, wet mopping, or wet wiping.

*CAUTION: Floors and surfaces are slippery after fogging. If the fogged areas are occupied in the 24 hour period following fogging, eyes & mucous membranes may experience dryness.

Fogger maintenance

Pour remaining HavenFog back into its bottle. Fill the fogger with water and run for 5 to 10 minutes after each use.


1. People, pets, plants, and electronics are not adversely affected by HavenFog.