Happiness is Keeping Mold Away

Jeff Bookout
March 26, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you are like me, and have someone at home who is mold sensitive, and chemically sensitive, then keeping mold at bay makes they’re like so much easier. Here is my regiment that I do using BioBalance in my home. 
– Jeff Bookout, Certified Mold Inspector

1. Pick one day a month to mist

Mold is naturally everywhere, inside and outside, HavenMist™ keeps mold spors from building up in your house.

2. Choose a time once a year to fog then treat carpets

HavenFog™ tackles mold where you can’t reach, and no furniture moving is necessary. It is citrus-based, natural, and safe for you and your pets. 

After fogging, it’s important to clean up the small particles left behind. Therefore, go over flat surfaces with HavenWipe.

Finally, use HavenClean™ in your carpet and upholstery cleaner to treat these surfaces where mold tends to grow. 

3. Twice a year test for mold

Ensure you’re tackling mold, with a Mold Test Kit from the ImmunoLytics lab. It’s just a few dollars per room, and you’ll get results in a few days.