Responsible Mold Treatment

Making Mold Treatment
Accessible and Safe for Everyone.

Protecting the Health of the Vulnerable.

Mold in our environment can pose a significant health risk, especially to those who are chemically sensitive or immuno-compromised. Elevated concentrations of mold spores have been known to produce allergic reactions and many other health symptoms in those who have compromised or dysfunctional immune systems. Haven™ by BioBalance™ helps mitigate indoor mold exposure and has been helpful to many who suffer from environmentally acquired illnesses. 

Haven™ products are all made from natural ingredients and work together to keep mold under control.

Citrus-Seed Extract… Keeping Indoor Air Chemical-Free

Unfortunately, when mold is treated, many conventional treatments can add to the problem by being toxic themselves. Many people have adverse reactions to a spectrum of synthetic or natural toxins and toxicants found in their environment, including mold. Our pharmaceutical grade formula starts with one of nature’s best antimicrobial agents – citrus seed extracts. Haven™ is formulated from naturally derived citrus extracts and is free of harsh chemicals, thus safeguarding your health and restoring your environment.

Turning Unlivable Places… Into Havens

Mold can be an overwhelming problem in a home, especially when it is also affecting the health of people who live there. BioBalance exists to give people who are stuck an option that prioritizes their health and isn’t cost-prohibitive. It’s our goal and mission to restore indoor environments into havens where they can live and breathe well again.

BioBalance Gives You
the Tools to
Treat Mold Safely

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