Get Mold Under Control… Naturally

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Literally saved my life, physically, mentally and socially.

Barbara M.


My daughter never had a seizure again.

Alex B.


We did a Haven Fog which reduced the mold spore count from 6000 to 149!

Ann H.

Designed for the Chemically Sensitive

Chemically sensitive people have adverse reactions to a spectrum of synthetic or natural toxins and toxicants found in their environment, including mold. Unfortunately when mold is treated, many conventional treatments can add to the problem by being toxic themselves. Haven™ by BioBalance™ provides naturally derived solutions for chemically sensitive people to thrive in a healthier environment. 

Natural, Citrus-Based Technology

Our pharmaceutical grade formula starts with one of natures best antimicrobial agents – citrus seed extracts. Haven™ is formulated from naturally derived citrus extracts and is free of harsh chemicals, thus safeguarding your health and restoring your environment.

The Natural Mold Remedy

Haven™ by BioBalance™ restores indoor air quality to a healthy state by de-naturing toxins and reducing indoor mold to a natural level. 

Intensive mold treatment

Safely protect and maintain

Carpet & furniture treatment

Select the Best Treatment for Your Mold Problem and Your Budget

Mold problems vary from visible mold in a single room to visible or invisible mold present throughout your home or office. The BioBalance™ environmental experts have created treatment guides to help you find the right products and procedures for your budget.

Our Environment Greatly Affects Our Health

Mold in our environment can pose a significant health risk, especially to those who are chemically sensitive. Elevated concentrations of mold spores have been known to produce allergic reactions and many other health symptoms in those who have compromised or dysfunctional immune systems. Haven™ by BioBalance™ helps mitigate indoor mold exposure and has been helpful to many who suffer from environmentally acquired illnesses. 

Introducing Haven by BioBalance.