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Mold Toxicity Plays a Big Role in MCAS. Hear the Experts Share Their Knowledge.

Oct 18-25, 2022 | FREE & Online Event

Beth O’Hara, founder and owner of MastCell360, gathers the world’s leading minds in Mast Cell Activation and Histamine Intolerance to teach you how to bring your health back into your hands in a free and online 7-day event. Beth has experienced the deadly effects of Mold Toxicity first hand and is an accomplished Functional Naturopath who has helped many people with their own MCAS illness as a result of Mold Toxicity.

Watch Jeff Bookout, BioBalance President, Speak on Mold Inspections

In his presentation “How To Not Lose Money And Time On An Incomplete Mold Inspection”, Jeff will cover essential mold inspection steps that someone suffering from MCAS shouldn’t overlook. 

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In addition to the expert talks, you’ll receive guides, ebooks, sheets, and more resources for dealing with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance.

“Mold toxicity is the #1 reason I see people continue to deal with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, ongoing sensitivities, and histamine problems.”

– Beth O’Hara

Oct 18-25, 2022 | FREE & Online Event