HavenMist Large Kit

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HavenMist Bottle

Large Mister

Mold Test Plates

Instruction Sheet

Complete mold treatment is more than just misting

BioBalance environmental experts have created a treatment guide that walks you through the steps necessary to tackle your mold issue.

Isolated Mold

Using the Mister

Step 1: Dilute HavenMist with distilled water.

Add the entire bottle of HavenMist into an empty gallon jug and fill to the top with distilled water to dilute.

Step 2: Remove cap, add HavenMist and adjust shoulder strap.

Ensure the air tube (plastic fitting with a protruding nipple) is always facing up into the cap during misting. Fill the reservoir with the mix.

Step 3: Plug in and set intensity.

Plug into a standard power outlet. Roll dial all the way to the left for greatest mist output and press power switch over hose connection to turn on the mister.

Step 4: Mist Thoroughly.

Mist the entire room from ceiling to floor including all air space, surfaces and items. Mist generously on fabric surfaces such as couches, beds, and carpets.


1. Floor may become slippery.

2. HavenMist does not penetrate wall and ceiling spaces as effectively as our hot fogging solution. Periodic re-treatment may be necessary.

3. People, pets, and plants are not adversely affected by HavenMist.