HavenMist Travel Kit

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HavenMist Bottle

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USB Charger

Mold Test Plates

Instruction Sheet

Complete mold treatment is more than just misting

BioBalance environmental experts have created a treatment guide that walks you through step-by-step to tackle your mold issue.

Hotel & Travel Mold

When mold is suspected or unknown.

Using the Mister

Step 1: Charge the Handheld Mister.

Use the provided USB charger to charge the handheld Mister to full.

Step 2: Attach the Mister to the HavenMist bottle.

Remove the lid off the HavenMist bottle and screw the Mister in its place. OPTIONAL: Dilute solution with water (1:8) in the provided dilution bottle.

Step 3: Mist Thoroughly.

Pull the trigger and mist the entire room from ceiling to floor including all air space, surfaces and items. Mist generously on fabric surfaces such as couches, beds, and carpets.


1. Floor may become slippery.

2. HavenMist does not penetrate wall and ceiling spaces as effectively as our hot fogging solution. Periodic re-treatment may be necessary.

3. People, pets, and plants are not adversely affected by HavenMist.