BioBalance Peroxide Kit



BioBalance H2O2

Pump Sprayer

N95 Mask

Pair of Gloves


Instruction Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


1. Danger! Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) can cause severe burns. Strong Oxidizing Agent!

2. Read included Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before handling.

3. This solution will bleach and/or break down many organic materials. Only use on raw building materials (i.e. – not finished surfaces or fabric material).

4. Store any leftover peroxide in a safe manner. Assure that any product that could leak out is contained.

Visible mold treatment is more than just spraying

BioBalance environmental experts have created a treatment guide that walks you through step-by-step to tackle your mold issue.

Visible Mold Treatment

Treat when mold is visible on certain foundation and building material surfaces.

Using the Pump Sprayer

Step 1: Safety First.

Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and put on included gloves, N95 mask, and goggles (PPE).

Step 2: Pour BioBalance H2O2 in Sprayer.

Unscrew sprayer lid and pour in the 12% Hydrogen Peroxide. 1 gallon treats approximately 1,500 ft2.

Step 3: Safely Test Sprayer.

Use the handle to pump up the sprayer 5 or more times while pointing the nozzle in a safe direction such as a kitchen sink.

Step 4: Lightly Spray Contaminated Areas.

Lightly spray all discolored building materials (e.g.– wood framing, sub-flooring, crossbeams, concrete blocks, concrete flooring, etc.).

Step 5: Respray Foamy Areas.

If area foams from contact with peroxide, spray again. Area doesn’t need to dry before respraying.