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6 Steps to Get Mold Under Control… Naturally
Cesar Collado
June 12, 2020

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Six Steps to Get Mold Under Control … Naturally 

BioBalance Infographic 

By Cesar Collado

In an effort to simplify the order and steps required for a homeowner to begin with a DIY approach to get mold under control, I hope this infographic provides direction.  You can look to the blog content for more specific information on each of the steps.  Good luck!

Click Here for PDF: BioBalance Infographic [Autosaved] 

Printable on Legal Size Paper (8 1/2″ by 14″)

Cesar Collado

Cesar Collado is a former pharmaceutical R&D senior executive, venture capitalist, and seasoned strategy consultant in biotechnology and technology industries in general. He currently works as an advisor to multiple technology start-ups and advises several companies with technology solutions, including companies that provide healthcare and other services for environmental illness. Cesar worked with MicroBalance Health Products from 2014-2019, where he had responsibility for strategy, revenues, marketing, and finance, as well as, writing all original content for the company’s newsletters during his tenure. Cesar is passionate about awareness and treatment of environmental illness as a significant, unmet and misdiagnosed, medical need. He has partnered with Integrative Physicians, Bau-Biologists, Environmental Inspectors, Mold Remediators, HVAC IAQ Specialists, and other professionals to generate educational materials for the environmentally ill. Cesar currently writes original content for ImmunoLytics, Bio-Balance, and CitriSafe: Protocols and Products for a Healthy Life.