Ruth C.

BioBalance has given me my life back 

I went to so many doctors over the years and no one ever suspected mold illness. I’m so grateful for Beth’s program (MC360) & all the help you gave me Brandon. How to test, treat, what to look for. I also listened to Jeff on the website and those videos were also so helpful. 

I’ve had chronic faitgue syndrome for the last 20 years. No one knew why. And after we got the mold out of the house and used HavenFog, my chronic fatigue sysndrome is completely gone. You guys have given me mhy life back seriously!! Thank you

What you do for people really has the potential to give us our lives/health back. Appreciate the work you do.

Alex B.

My daughter never had a seizure again.

We worked with BioBalance several years ago when our young daughter was having small seizures. We had tried a number of therapies with no success. We decided to take a close look at our environment and decided to remove the carpet in our home. Whe ended up finding mold on our subfloor in multiple areas. We tested our home and found that our mold counts were very high. We had BioBalance use their fogging solution to treat our home. It only took 2 hours to treat and the solution is natural with no harmful chemicals so it was safe for us to be back in our home after a few hours. My daughter never had a seizure again.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 5 years ago and it is very important that I am not exposed to a moldy environment.  We purchased a home shortly after my diagnosis and when we started to remodel the home we found out that all of the windows and doors had been leaking. There was mold growing in our walls and on our subfloor. We felt overwhelmed and knew that we did not have enough in the budget to pay for the high cost mold treatment that was needed. We also did not want the harmful chemicals in our home that these treatment options contain.  We took care of the leaks in our home and we had BioBalance treat our home. The treatment was so effective that our mold counts went down to nearly zero.  Their mold treatment solution does not contain harmful chemicals and it was only a small fraction of the cost when compared to other companies. We treat our home 1 to 2 times per year on our own now thanks to the BioBalance self treatment kits. Instead of paying several thousand dollars to have companies treat our home for mold with harmful chemicals, we now have a very cost effective system that works even better than the other treatment options available. This has given me and my family peace of mind and our environment is now healthy. Thank you BioBalance!

Heather S.

Jeff Bookout at BioBalance is absolutely the best! 

Jeff Bookout at BioBalance is absolutely the best! This high praise doesn’t come easily as I have never written a positive nor a negative review in my 48 years of life.  Yet, I was compelled to write a review about Jeff.  My family and I have suffered from various autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, ADHD, allergies, CIRS and more for the last 13 years.  Jeff came into our home and in one visit found our problem areas.  He then helped me navigate the world of remediation and mold prevention with empathy, passion, unparalleled expertise and a willingness to connect in a way that few company’s do in this day and age.  He has been working with us now for the last two years on various issues as I have become extremely reactive to mold due to long term exposure.  All I can say, is that I will continue to work with Jeff on a yearly basis for routine checkups and anything else I might need for as long as he works in this industry.  He is truly a one of a kind type of guy and I feel incredibly fortunate to have him on my team.

Barbara M.

Literally saved my life, physically, mentally and socially.

After several years of unexplained illness , I was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, a genetic susceptibility to  mold toxins in an indoor environment. It was a relief to have a diagnosis which was further confirmed by testing of my house and my body, yet the prognosis was grim. I was told two horrifying things by my trusted and knowledgeable physician: I had to move out of my house immediately, and I would have to live in a bubble for the rest of my life. I therefore lost my home and nearly all of my belongings.


Yes, this is the low point in the story, where the hero comes in and saves the day.


In this story, that hero is Jeff Bookout, the creator of the Haven system that, using all natural citrus extracts, restores the indoor environment to healthy levels. It is a simple DIY process that is safe for humans and pets.  The effectiveness can be verified by pre and post testing. 


It would be impossible for me to fully express how Jeff Bookout’s work has literally saved my life, physically, mentally and socially! I do not live in a bubble. I have used Haven on two subsequent homes and numerous hotel rooms. Although I still have to be aware of environments that I spend time in, I have peace of mind that should an imbalance occur, I have a ready solution.


Thank you, Jeff, for your groundbreaking work and your dedication to constant improvement 

in the lives of far too many of us who suffer from environmental illness. 

Ann H.

We did a Haven Fog which reduced the mold spore count from 6000 to 149!

Just wanted to say “thank you” to Matt Kelly and everyone in this group for your help and advice! After remediating our crawlspace and A/C system, the spore count in our bedroom was still over 6000 (air test) and I felt sick in the house. Thanks to recommendations in this group, we did a Haven Fog which reduced the spore count to 149! We’re feeling much better now. Still detoxing and working on small particle cleaning- got recommendations for a Shark HEPA vac and microfiber cloths from Dollar Tree, This is a slow process while homeschooling 5 kids, but I’m thankful we’re making progress.

Mariam R.

I felt an immediate difference in air quality…

By coincidence I tuned into a podcast featuring Jeff on Dr. Jill Carnahan’s YouTube channel and immediately realized the source of my health issue – mold in my home.  I had previously fled a water damaged to move into a newly built apartment complex that was yet again contaminated by mold and I had no idea that I was slowly dying from the effects of toxic mold.  I called Jeff the next day to inquire and he literally saved my life by offering guidance and asking questions regarding my tiny studio apartment.  He went out of his way to direct me on how to test my space and treated me like a family member.

The testing only confirmed what he suspected and needless to say, I would have never thought much about it or been galvanized to saving my life had it not been for Jeff and his direction.  Then, he recommended how I could use BioBalance once I moved out into a better, cleaner space and how to maintain it so it would be mold free.  I got his BioBalance HavenMister and treated my new apartment with it and all I can say is wow. I felt an immediate difference in air quality and my place even stay cleaner than normal for a much longer period of time and there was so much less dust than I have ever experienced.  I even used HavenMist to treat my personal items  in case of previous mold contamination of my belonging at my old place.  If I am ever to own a home of my own, the first thing I would do before moving in, is to call Jeff to come out and inspect/treat it.  Your health is worth it.

My sincere hope is that all property managers and owners should be trained on how to maintain rental properties as well as private homes free from mold using Jeff’s products and being guided by him on how to do it properly.  If it was not for him, I would have probably not made it out of my old place.  I am now working on rebuilding my health one step at a time thanks to Jeff and keeping my space free of mold.  If you or a loved one has been mold poisoned in their home or elsewhere, I would highly recommend connecting with Jeff to find out more.  I am grateful for the new possibilities in my life thanks to his guidance.


I tried everything out there and this is the only thing that worked.

I don’t ever write testimonials, but I want to say something about my experience with Bio-Balance fogging for mold.  I became very sick from mold exposure after we removed our bathroom ceiling.  There wasn’t any water, just a lot of black powder that had fallen into the insulation from replacing a bad roof.  I didn’t even realize we had a mold problem, but I slowly got sicker and sicker.  At first, I just felt weak and not myself.  One morning I got up and couldn’t breathe.  I was put on Prednisone and told to get out of my house until it could be cleaned up.  Professional mold remediation was done, but the house still tested positive for spores.  The work was redone and passed, but I kept getting sick every time I came home.  I don’t remember how many times I went back to the motel.  My insurance ran out.  I couldn’t even go home to get a change of underwear or pay bills.  Everything I owned made me sick.  I thought of selling our home and starting over, but who would buy it?  That’s when someone mentioned JW Biava and a mold fogging process he had.  I tried it because I was literally out of options.  He came to our home and fogged it with the Bio-Balance solution, which I was told was totally organic and made from citrus seed extract.  Honestly I didn’t expect much.  I was just desperate at this point.  This is why I am writing this:  The next day I came home and didn’t get sick!  Here’s the really ironic part.  I’m now very sensitive to mold and still get sick, say from a trip to a public bathroom.  But there is one place I feel safe, and that place is my home.  All because of JW Biava and his fogging process.  It’s now been 10 months, and my house is still clean.  I don’t know how it works, but I tried everything out there and this is the only thing that worked.  That’s why I am writing this.  So others can have some hope.  

Jenny D.

Walking in here today was such a relief, no sneezing, nausea, headaches or anything.

It feels great in here!  My dog and I were both so sick the past few weeks and walking in here today was such a relief, no sneezing, nausea, headaches or anything.  Thank you so much for fitting me in at the last minute yesterday.  I am so grateful to you and Brandon for making that happen.  I will definitely be reaching out to you for any future mold/air-related needs, as well as sharing your info with friends.