Mold Treatment Guides

A Solution for nearly all household mold problems.

Mold Treatment

Isolated Mold Treatment

Confined to a single room or area.

Significant Mold Treatment

Present in multiple rooms or areas.

Widespread Mold Treatment

Significant and ongoing issues.

Carpet & Furniture Treatment

Mold is widespread in living areas.

Surfaces Treatment

For wiping mold spores and dust that collects on surfaces.

Hotel & Travel Treatment

Mist treatment for your temporary residence

Visible Mold

Visible Mold Treatment

Fog treatment confined to 1 room or area.

Kit Instructions

HavenMist Kit

Maintenance misting treatment.

HavenMist Large Kit

Maintenance misting treatment.

HavenFog Kit

Intensive fogging treatment.

HavenFog Mini Kit

Intensive fogging treatment.

BioBalance Peroxide Kit

Visible mold treatment for raw building materials.

HavenMist Travel Kit

Temporary misting treatment.