Mold Treatment Guide

Hotel & Travel Mold Treatment

When entering an unknown environment like a hotel, motel, airbnb, or friends home, the portable travel mister will reduce mold and temporarily keep it under control without any damage or noticeable effects. Each HavenMist Travel Kit includes HavenMist, and a rechargeable electric HavenMister.

Hotel & Travel Mold Treatment Steps

HavenMist™ Travel Kit

The travel HavenMister is a handheld rechargeable electric mister that attaches directly to the HavenMist bottle which allows for quick targeted application.



HavenWipe by BioBalance is for cleaning horizontal surfaces.

1. Test

Sample with a mold test. Collect air samples of the areas you will fog. After fogging you will test again and compare the results.

*Additional plates can be purchased at

2. Prep

Prep the area you are treating. Open all cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. for a thorough treatment of the area. 

Our mist solution is water-based. Mist lightly and move any sensitive electronics, papers, artwork, and books.

3a. Clean - Mist

Mist your environment. Attach the mister to the HavenMist bottle and thoroughly treat the entire area from ceiling to floor.

3b. Clean – Wipe Countertops & Furniture

Sanitize all horizontal surfaces with HavenWipe and let dry before use. Repeat as needed for dirtier surfaces.


Shampoo with HavenClean all carpets, rugs, and fabric furniture before misting.

4. Re-Test

Test for mold after 3 days. After treatment, wait at least 3 days and retest the areas with the included mold plates. Compare the new sample to the previous sample and to the ImmunoLytics health scale* to confirm the treatment was successful. Alternatively, the mold sample can be sent to ImmunoLytics for detailed analysis.

*Visit for steps on self-analyzing and interpreting your test.