Mold Treatment Guide

Significant Mold Treatment

When mold has effected more than one room, or has been detected with mold tests and is present but not seen, fogging with HavenFog™ will reduce mold and keep it under control. Each HavenFog Kit includes HavenFog, and a HavenFogger (large or mini, depending on the size of the environment) and plates for testing before and after your treatment.

Significant Mold Treatment Steps

Choose one of the following kits:

HavenFog Kit

The large HavenFogger comes with a gallon of HavenFog which allows you to treat a 3,000 sq. ft home in about 5 hours with some extra HavenFog leftover. One gallon of HavenFog treats 4,000 sq. ft.

HavenMist Kit

HavenFog Mini Kit

The mini HavenFogger comes with a quart of HavenFog which allows you to treat a 1,000 sq. ft home in about 2 hours. 

1. Rip, Remove, Replace 

Rip, remove, replace materials contaminated with visible mold. Use proper conditions (i.e. negative air containment, proper personal protective equipment or PPE, etc.) for your own safety and health. Call our experts at (505) 400-8891 for any guidance needed.

*May require professional remediation. 

2. Test

Sample the area with a mold test. Collect air samples of the areas you will fog. After fogging you will test again and compare the results.

*Additional plates can be purchased at Visit for steps on self-analyzing and interpreting your test.

3. Prep

Prep the area you are treating. Open all cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. for a thorough treatment of the area. 

Disconnect all fire alarms. The fog will cause the alarms to sound.

4. Fog

Fog your environment. Add HavenFog to your fogger and thoroughly treat the entire area.

After 24 hours clean all horizontal surfaces by HEPA vacuuming or wet wiping.


Shampoo with HavenClean all carpets, rugs, and fabric furniture before fogging.

5. Re-Test

Test for mold after 3 days. After treatment, wait at least 3 days and retest the areas with the included mold plates. Compare the new sample to the previous sample and to the ImmunoLytics health scale* to confirm the treatment was successful. Alternatively, the mold sample can be sent to ImmunoLytics for detailed analysis.

*Visit for steps on self-analyzing and interpreting your test.


Mist your environment as often as needed. To maintain your environment and prevent mold growth, mist. Determine whether your environment needs to be misted again by mold plate testing or if health symptoms return.