Mold Treatment Guide

Visible Mold Treatment

Visible mold requires a more aggressive approach for proper treatment, including removal of the contaminated materials whenever possible. However, if you have building materials with visible mold that cannot easily be removed and replaced, a 12% Hydrogen Peroxide solution may be an effective treatment solution.

Visible Mold Treatment Steps

BioBalance Peroxide Kit

The BioBalance Peroxide Kit comes with BioBalance H2O2 (1 gallon), a Pump Sprayer for application, and Personal Protect Equipment (n95 mask, gloves, goggles). 1 gallon of peroxide treats approximately 1500 sq ft.


1. Test

Sample the area with a mold swab sample*. Collect a swab sample from any discolored areas to determine what mold contamination is present.

*Mold swab samples can be purchased at

2. Prep

Ensure the area you are treating has proper conditions. For your safety, use the personal protective equipment included and ensure you have adequate ventilation.

Read the Safety Data Sheet. 12% Hydrogen Peroxide can cause severe burns. Read included Safety Data Sheet to ensure safe handling of the product.

3. Spray

Spray the contaminated areas. Pour BioBalance H2O2 in your pump sprayer and safely spray all contaminated areas at least once.


4. Re-Test

Test for mold after 3 days. After treatment, wait at least 3 days and retest the areas with mold plates. Compare the mold plate sample results to the ImmunoLytics health scale to determine if further treatment of the air is necessary. Alternatively, the mold sample can be sent to ImmunoLytics for detailed analysis.

*Visit for steps on self-analyzing and interpreting your test.


5. Maintain with HavenMist

Mist your environment as often as needed. To maintain your environment and prevent mold growth, mist. Determine whether your environment needs to be misted again by mold plate testing or if health symptoms return.


1. Danger! Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) can cause severe burns. Strong Oxidizing Agent!

2. Read included Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before handling.

3. This solution will bleach and/or break down many organic materials. Only use on raw building materials (i.e. – not finished surfaces or fabric material).

4. Store any leftover peroxide in a safe manner. Assure that any product that could leak out is contained.