Identifying Mold

Understanding Mold Threats In Your Home

Cesar Collado
December 3, 2022

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Today, I am proud to introduce a BioBalance video, below, developed in collaboration with Danny Gough, Principal at Energy Solutions.  Danny is one of the premier building performance and mold professionals in the country. He currently lives in NC and fixes homes with severe mold issues in a difficult, mixed humidity area is sometimes called the “Rot Belt.”

He brings an extraordinary amount of experience in solving very difficult mold problems in homes and buildings that impact human health.  Danny also works through a very impressive network of professionals across all aspects of mold solutions.  This includes mold inspectors, Bau-Biologists, Industrial Hygiene Experts, HVAC, Physicians, and Mold Remediation Experts.  When he does not have the solution, he seeks help from another expert making his home solutions invaluable.  He instructs builders, architects, and HVAC professionals on building science. In addition, he is an expert in building system performance and energy efficiency.  

Danny is an invaluable resource for me when addressing complex mold problems.  He has significant experience working with HavenFog hot fogging solutions on multiple home mold remediation projects and has developed some advanced approaches to utilizing HavenFog with various mold issues that we will share with users over time.  

Contact Danny Gough

Danny Gough
Energy Solutions, Inc.
PO Box 745
Lewisville, NC. 27023
336 463 2005