Winter Can Be Tough on People With Mold Sensitivity

December 12, 2023

BioBalance™, a leading provider of mold reduction products for residential and commercial uses, is reminding people that the winter months can worsen symptoms for people with mold sensitivity. Winter is particularly tough because people are spending more time indoors, homes are typically sealed up with little ventilation, and bringing in Christmas trees and decorations from areas like an attic or a basement can unknowingly bring mold into the home or office.

“Mold sensitivity is real, in fact so real that the CDC sponsors a Fungal Disease Awareness Week each year to educate people on the problem,” explained Cesar Collado, BioBalance™ Chief Marketing Officer. “When people are chronically sick and nothing is making a difference, it could be their home or office is literally sick. The only way to get better is to deal with the root cause – the house or the office that is making them sick.”

In many situations, that root problem lies in the areas of the home or office that are not properly air conditioned such as crawlspaces, unfinished basements, and attics. One technology that has been shown to make a marked difference in permanently eliminating mold is thermal fogging of the impacted area with a non-toxic proprietary botanical solution. Thermal fogging will help reduce mold in every inch of the impacted area including cabinets, crevices and cracks. Fogging can also be done inside HVAC systems and inside ducts. After the fogging is complete, the particulates drop to the ground where they can be vacuumed or mopped away.

“The bottom line is if you don’t deal with mold at the source, it will just keep growing,” added Collado.

BioBalance™ has created do-it-yourself (DIY) fogging kits for people. There are different options depending on the size of the space to be fogged – ranging from small surface areas to large commercial spaces. Each kit comes with enough product to fog the space, the fogging device and before and after testing kits. BioBalance™ commercial fogging kits can be used for office spaces, classrooms, restaurants, medical facilities, hospitals, churches and gyms.

“Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, getting the indoor space and air clear of mold is essential to promote healing,” Collado said. “If you continually are breathing bad air, you’ll never get better.”

Another tip for people is to look for moisture and water accumulation areas. Stagnant water can become infested with bacteria, mold, yeast, and attract insects.  If people find stagnant water, they may need to have a professional look at the issue and install proper drainage.  

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